PC and Network Support

For on-line Support call us at (203) 538-5453

On-Site or Remote Support In-Home, In-Office or at School.

Whether you are running a small business or a small utility company, your time is best spent expanding your business, not struggling with ever changing technology outside your realm of expertise. Computil has many years of experience setting up and supporting small business enterprises using the latest technology and security mechanisms. Let our competent staff review your hardware, software, and network needs and provide the best solutions at the best price. Our staff combined with our technology partners can service every type of Enterprise.

Below are some typical PC and Network Support Prices. On line support over the Internet is generally cheaper and more efficient. Try our remote controlled support services over the internet or we can come directly to you. The prices below are indicators of what you can expect but every situation is different. We cannot guarantee pricing or that we can fix everything, but we can guarantee you will be satisfied with the service you receive.

New Hardware and Software $75-150 + parts

Purchase Consultation and Recommendation.

Standard Computer Setup - New computer on existing home or office network.

Networking Prices $150-250 + parts

Standard setup - Configure home or office with wireless networking.
Standard setup - Configure home or office network with your new DSL or cable connection.

Computer Upgrades Prices $100-150 + parts

Peripheral additions - Printers etc.

Internal card installation - sound, video, networking or additional USB2.0.

Additional Memory installation.

Operating system installation

Software Installation - Firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, Cleansweep,
Microsoft Office etc.

System customization - Personalize computer to fit your preferences.

PC Maintenance Prices $175-250 approximate

Data only or disaster recovery which includes backup of entire hard drive for quick recovery of data, applications and operating system.

Troubleshooting - software or hardware problems fixed.

Scan and clean out viruses Popups and spyware in your computer

System Tune-up - increase your computers performance and stability.

Training Services: On-site

Software-Basic Word, Excel, Oracle etc

Hardware-Components and Installation

Peripherals-Components and installation

COMPUTIL also has a training facility in Shelton Ct. where we specialize in CAD, GIS and Office software training for business.

Also, Remote Support Services by Phone/ Internet . Call 203-538-5453