COMPUTIL GIS Services: You can depend on us and our many years of experience to provide reasonable and easy GIS/Mapping software for the Utility Industry with tools that allow you to customize in-house.

COMPUTIL is proud to market the Bentley suite of mapping products for Utilities. The Bentley Utility Industry Suite (BUIS) uses the flexibility of Bentley's Mapís Geoengineering environment to create a fully integrated GIS solution. BUIS is an application that inputs, validates, manages, traces, analyzes and graphically visualizes utility infrastructure data in an open Geographic Information System (GIS) environment. A variety of data storage formats can be chosen from an Enterprise or workgroup level Oracle Spatial database to data encapsulated in the Bentley Design file. Bentley Map can directly reference GIS and CAD data from a wide variety of formats making for seamless integration in Enterprise wide GIS systems. BUISís Water template adds seamless integration with modeling systems including Bentley WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER and EPANET.

This feature-rich solution can be used by electric, gas, water, wastewater and telecommunications utilities. The system allows the operator to add and maintain utility data with an associated spatial database creating a full-featured facilities management and map maintenance system.

BUIS Supports: Creation of utility facilities, providing an operator interface that ensures appropriate network connectivity and facility association during map creation. Entry/creation of related database records as part of the digitizing interface by using a MicroStation dialog box database form that supports creation, maintenance and validation of facility attributes and user creation and maintenance of a utility life cycle state process. Also, association of multiple drawings to the utility facilities creating a utility- oriented and database supported map librarian. Plus, user creation and maintenance of a feature component system controlled by a utility rulebase. And best of all, it allows user creation of an inspection and maintenance record system for each facility.

BUIS provides a generic and open utility toolkit for Bentley Map. A comprehensive utility implementation can be created, modified and enhanced by completing a XFM (xml based feature modeling) schema:

This XFM schema defines:

Bentley provides a comprehensive series of utility templates for the Electric, gas, water, and wastewater industry. Computil can help you in the design and modification of the utility templates that you need for your business, migrate your CAD and database data to the Bentley Utility format or Oracle Spatial and train your users. For more information on Bentleyís utility and Map products please visit:

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