FRAMME and 'Other' Outsource Map Updating Experts:

Computil has the #1 Framme mapping crew in the world with over 15 years experience in FRAMME System development and map updating.

Outsourcing map updates is quickly becoming the way for utilities to keep their important facility assets recorded and up to date. Through new technology and secure VPN, we can access your system over the Internet and safely update your master maps with current work orders and as-builts. We are currently maintaining all of the FRAMME Gas maps for a major northeast utility company. Below is an overview of the mapping outsourcing procedure typically utilized:

COMPUTIL reviews your layouts, field sketches, work orders, leak tickets, opening tickets, or other as-built type documents to ascertain a mapping unit cost based on our years of utility and mapping experience. Because our technicians are focused and experienced and our production environment is efficient, we are typically able to complete map updating and posting at a unit cost that is less than you're in-house forces cost and with surprising accuracy. This gives the Utility another option should the backlog of work become excessive or staffing is insufficient to keep up.

Upon acceptance of established unit cost a contract is established and PO issued allowing the work to be 'outsourced' to a reliable mapping vendor. The unit cost can be developed to meet the particular needs of each utility. Typically there is a unit for new services, service inserts/renewals, cut and caps, main repairs, main replacements, main inserts/renewals, landbase development or manipulation etc. Main/cable replacements can be priced out on a per foot basis. Also unit cost can be developed for off-site training, system enhancements or consulting as needed.

Where access to the mapping system through the Internet is desired, the utility or their IT department would then arrange one or more connections to your server/mapping system and establish the appropriate authorizations and passwords. One way to do this is through. VPN is 'Virtual Private Network' software that allows Internet access while maintaining a very high level of security. This direct access allows COMPUTIL to make changes and post them to your master maps as if we were sitting right in you office. It is a very seamless and painless way to boost you mapping resources and reduce backlogs. It's the way of the future.

COMPUTIL can establish a pilot program or proof of concept project to gain the confidence of each utility user of our mapping services and to answer any residual questions. This pilot can be done in accordance with the unit prices established or as a courtesy. If the pilot is successful then both parties move to execute the full maintenance contract.

Paperwork related to the required map updates can be forwarded to the vendor through hand delivery, Fedex, mail or courier. Another paperwork transferal mechanism that has worked well for us is scanning. The utility scans in (to computer files on their server) the paperwork for each job. Then the vendor accesses the utilities server and removes or copies the paperwork and proceeds immediately to update the maps. When finished the vendor then marks the scanned file folder 'complete' making the work order tracking easy.

Each week a tracking report/spreadsheet is forwarded to the utility describing the exact work completed and the cost. Any deviation from established procedures is commented on in writing or by phone. This can occur when paperwork is lacking or attribute information supplied is inadequate in some way. COMPUTIL does not charge for work not actually completed and we make serious efforts to secure any missing information before returning paperwork undone.

Quality control is the pride of our outsource services. All work is double checked to insure positional accuracy of facilities and measurements and that attribute information such as size, material, year, pressure, etc is filled in accurately and completely. We also maintain the system 'connectivity' rules and parent/child relationships and associations. In fact, one of our FRAMME specialties is fixing connectivity errors and problems to help maintain the utilities network model and load flow analysis mechanisms.

Finally, we are available on an as needed basis or full time. Whatever your current mapping system is, we can help you reduce your backlogs. It’s a win, win arrangement.