Customer Utility Billing Enterprise System for Water, Sewer & Gas; Call for a Live Demo.

COMPUTIL's Customer Utility Billing Enterprise System (CUBES) provides accounts receivable, cash processing, collections, work orders, customer service procedures, along with automated and manual meter reading interfaces. The application handles a variety of billing types including consumption based, unit charge, flat rate and any combination required. This Windows-based utility billing system is a TOTAL solution for the water and wastewater industry and uses state-of-the-art front-end client interfaces written in Visual Basic utilizing ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, and other ODBC compliant databases.

The CUBES application provides online access to the customer database including inquiries, updates, and reporting. It interfaces with the latest meter reading technology allowing flexibility in the acquisition of meter reads. This meter reading process is fully integrated with the billing modules allowing for flexibility in scheduling of regular and final bills.

This flexible software application was written specifically for the water and wastewater industry and includes account maintenance, cash receipts, collection procedures, flexible billing, meter maintenance and an interface to related modules such as services requests and work orders.

Software Features

1. Account Maintenance

2. Billing

3. Cash Receipts

4. Meter Reading

5. Work Orders/Customer Complaints

6. Reporting


Computil's Staff has many years of experience working with various billing systems as a reseller, data converter, customer support provider, and developer of unique billing applications.

Computil was recently awarded a ten year contract for a major Water Pollution Control Authority for the provision of billing software and services for over 30,000 customers. COMPUTIL is the primary service arm for this work.

The contract is serviced through the use of the COMPUTIL consumption based utility billing system which handles all aspects of customer service, receivables and reporting.

In addition, COMPUTIL handles the billing operations including bill generation, printing, inserting, and mailing.

Other services include:

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