ARMS (Asset Reporting Management System) for Utilities. Finally, easy to use Asset Software for Utilities:

COMPUTIL’s Windows based Asset Reporting Management System (ARMS) uses the flexibility of an Oracle or Access relational database environment to produce tracking, querying and reporting modules for gas, water and wastewater facility data as well as general asset data. It's that flexible!

The ARMS Facility-Tracking module provides applications to update, add, delete, query, manage, and generate reports on gas, water, sewer facilities and other facilities.

This implementation can be used to track domestic services such as fire services, hydrants, manholes, valves, back-flow prevention devices, meters, pumps, pump stations, motors, tanks and almost any other asset.

Facility information is just a mouse click away. Access to the latest maintenance, inspection, and historical data is readily available. The user has the ability to generate additional queries and custom reports that can be saved for future use.

Services: customer name, addresses, account #, phone, etc.
Mains: size, material, length, diameter shut downs, etc.
Valves: type, size, status, manufacturer, etc.
Hydrants: manufacturer, model number, number, etc.
Manholes: type, cover, wall material, etc.
Preventive Maintenance: flushing, exercising, etc.

The ARMS Request Complaint module is a complete work request and complaint handling system. It provides the ability to log the request or complaint and assign departments and their employees to work on the request or complaint. The user can set up appointment dates with customers; track the status of the work orders; report on current or historical information concerning requests and complaints. In addition, the system can archive and purge requests and complaints and purge old appointment records. Administrative Tools allow the ability to manage Operations such as:

Work Requests: problem type, priority, location, work assigned, etc.
Complaints: log calls, define problems, assign tasks, date completed, etc.
Customers: name, phone #, address, meter #, account #, etc.
Appointments: date, time, request #, department, employee, etc.
Scheduling: what to do and when, preventive maintenance, etc.
Reports: outstanding work orders, schedules appointments, etc.

And best of all it's now only $ 950 per module for a user license.